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  1. Enter the details for connecting to your QuickBooks Point of Sale system in the settings panel. All data entered into the settings will be remembered between runs.

2. Enter the FTP information provided by SmartEtailing as your custom upload site and username/password combination.

3. Select whether or not you would like the program to automatically perform an upload once a day. If yes, select what time of day this should occur.
  1. Individually set which inventory items to upload to SmartEtailing.

2. Individually set which inventory items should use the defined POS sale price.

3. Filter inventory to easily find items for selection.

4. Uploads are very fast, and provide feedback for easy verification.
smartetiling sync for quickbooks

The SmartEtailing Sync addon for QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) allows for the automatic uploading of inventory from your store to your SmartEtailing web site, synchronizing between actual inventory and inventory displayed for your web customers.

NOTE: The SmartEtailing POS Sync add-on is supported for QuickBooks POS systems up to version 12 only. No further versions are currently supported and this project is not in active development.

The SmartEtailing Sync addon is available for $120 (US), which includes installation support and post-installation troubleshooting as needed.

For more information, reference the Addon help documentation.

Select the buy now button to purchase.



$120 (US)


This product is available for immediate download, but will not function until a product key has been entered into the application, which will be provided to customers via email after purchase through PayPal.

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