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BengalCore provides software development services for an integrated world, from mobile to desktop, from the web to the cloud. We approach software as an engineering discipline, building solutions from the inside-out, delivering superior quality components that compose into a beautiful and functional user experience.

The driving force behind BengalCore is innovative thinking and dedication to quality. We exist to make an impact; to make a difference. This attitude shows in every product we deliver. If you would like more information about our services, contact us at

Latest News

Our Quickbooks Point-of-Sale addon is now available for sale. This addon provides inventory synchronization between Quickbooks and SmartEtailing web sites. For more information check out the details for SmartEtailing Sync.


  • LotteryMine app

    LotteryMine is the first full-featured mobile application for lottery enthusiasts. Record a ticket and LotteryMine will do the rest. A custom rules engine tracks results from all 147 lotteries in the US and provides automatic notification via email, text or in-app. More details at

  • A multi-tiered architecture

    This architecture diagram is from a multi-tiered airforce project, allowing pilots to connect to a live stream of current airspace conditions in order to plan their flight path quickly while keeping up-to-date with safety and situational awareness concerns.

  • Labonne Scultures

    Ned LaBonne is a sculptor in Nashville, TN, specializing in custom portrait sculptures. This simple web site allows for easy additions to his collection, while providing a clean and easy to navigate set of options. The site is available at

  • Speedy Vet Pill Counter

    The Speedy Vet Pill Counter software and scale is designed to automate the process of counting pills during dispensing of medication to patients and during inventory cycle counts. The site is available at

  • Static layer diagram

    The key to keeping a large system with many components manageable is through a concept known as volatility-based design. System volatility is isolated into manager components, and key business logic is separated into engines. More details at our architecture page.

  • SmartEtailing sync

    This addon for QuickBooks Point of Sale allows for the automatic uploading of inventory to a SmartEtailing web site, allowing for synchronizing between actual inventory and web customers. More details at our SmartEtailing sync page.

  • TriGearReview

    TriGear review is an independant review site for triathlon-specific equipment. Content is provided via a custom authoring tool and maintained within a central database. The web site provides customizable and searchable views of the data, along with ratings and alternate links for each review. The site is available at

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